To see Mallorca at its most quaint and picturesque, then a trip to the town of Valldemossa is a must.  Valldemossa is a beautiful town in the mountainous north-west region of the island, and is in fact the highest community in Mallorca.  It has become increasinly popular with tourists in recent years, but has lost none of its original features and charm.
Valldemossa is famous for the Royal Charterhouse of Jesus of Nazareth, built at the beginning of the 14th century.  Nowadays the monastery is the second most visited building on the island, after Palma cathedral. You can see Cells 2 and 4 where Chopin and Sand lived for four months, and admire his piano and some manuscripts. Elsewhere, the monastery church hosts the Municipal Museum, which has a small collection of modern art upstairs, including pieces by Picasso, Miro and Francis Bacon. The vaults contain frescoes by Goya's brother-in-law Miguel Bayeu.
More information is available from hotel reception and there are several local tour companies offering excursions to Valldemossa.